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My Gun is too hot for the Field…

I recently published a Post on the Nepa-Airsoft Blog about Field Limits and if those Fields Require Bio BBs (  The question I got asked is what if I show up to a field and my Replica is not in the Field limits. The Bad news….you might be out of luck. Some Fields do offer Rental Weapons you can use, but not all do. You might be stuck using a Pistol (if you have one) or something else a Friend might lend you for the day.
The biggest thing is to know WHAT the Field Limits are and try and determine before hand if your Replica is in those limits or not.    How can you do this?
I always suggest to everyone that they buy a Chronograph or if on a team, have the Team buy one for the Squad to use.  The price on a decent Chrono is under $60 now and using it as a gage to your Replicas FPS and ROF is a good start.
But remember that the Field Chrono is the Law for your FPS, not what your home Chrono states your replica is shooting. You might be Shooting 399 w/ .20s at home only to find that the Field Chrono shows you shooting 405 w/.20s and it gets your Replica Flagged on the field.  Always try to have your Replica shooting under the Field limits you will be attending.  I  usually try to target my Replicas shooting between 365-375 FPS w/ .25s as this means I will also be under 400 w/ .20s when I go to fields with that Limit.
How do I get my replica to be under the Field Limits?  Several ways – 1) If you bought your replica with a Quick Change Gearbox system, you are set.  If not,  2) Rip into the Gearbox yourself or have a Friend or Tech do it to lower your FPS by replacing the spring.  Most Airsoft Shops do offer Tech Services and even some Fields will have a Tech onsite to help people out. 
One other inexpensive way to keep yourself on the Field for the day is a Secondary like a Pistol or Spring Shotgun.  Some of these can be relatively inexpensive and some Shotguns even come in 3 shot variety.  If you pay $20 to $40 to play for the day only to find your Weapon of choice is too hot for the field, having something to fall back on is a must.

Just some of my thoughts on what you can do to avoid having a Replica ‘Too Hot’ for your Favorite Airsoft Field…..