6mmProShop Soul “M²” AR-15 M4 Magazine to AK Mag Adapter

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The Soul M adapter allows the operator to use the more common and easily accessible M4/M16 type Airsoft magazines with their AK variant Airsoft AEG, allowing for more magazine compatibility at events and operations.


  • Durable metal alloy construction
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Allows for use of most M4/M16 style AEG magazines with AK platforms
  • Easy drop in installation

Application: Allows AK47/74 uses to utilize the more common M4M16 style magazine
Compatibility: CYMA, Echo1 and other compatible airsoft AK47/74 AEGs
Material: metal alloy

Manufacturer: 6mmProShop – SOUL

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Czech Army Wooden Ammo Box – $14.95

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The Czech Army Wood Ammo Crate is a wooden crate that previously held ammunition for the Czech Army. These crates are built really well and are prime candidates for refinishing. Once they are sanded down and either repainted or stained they are amazing as they were constructed with quality wood and materials when they were originally built.


ISPro Tactical Compression Crew-Neck Shirt with Holster – $49.95

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The ISPro Tactical Compression Crew-Neck Shirt with Holster is a modern compression shirt with dual purposes. Once you put this compression shirt on it will help give you a slimmer appearnce as it is made by Instaslim. You will also be able to carry your concealed handgun as there are both right and left holsters sewn into the shirt at an ideal angle for quick draw of your firearm.


British Police Riot Helmet – $34.95

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The British Police Riot Helmet is a modern anti-riot crowd control helmet previously used by British police. These helmets are commonly seen being worn by British police who are providing security for demonstrations, marches, protests, and other events. With a full protective visor and industry leading protective properties this helmet is a must-have in today’s dangerous world.

JAG Arms Scattergun

JAG Arms Scattergun HDS Gas Shotgun (Black) – $174.95

JAG Arms Scattergun SP Gas Shotgun (Black) – $234.95

JAG Arms Scattergun TS Gas Shotgun (Black) – $164.95

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Take your game play to the next level with the JAG Arms Scattergun shotgun series! Powered by green gas, this all metal shotgun is capable of firing between three and six BB’s at one time by manipulating a switch near the ejection port. Similar to the M3 line of shotguns, this airsoft gun features three inner barrels with individual fixed hop up units, giving you great CQB range as well as a decent amount of BB spread.

The shotgun features a removable gas tank located inside the butt stock of the airsoft gun. The shotgun is compatible with any TM 30 round style shell, and the 30 round shells used for UTG Spring Shotguns, which is predominately used in M3 style triburst shotguns. The top rail segment will allow for the installation of an optic.One major advantage that a gas shotgun has over a spring shotgun is the ease in which it takes to cock the gun. Without a spring needing to be compressed, the hand guard moves almost effortlessly for speedy followup shots. In addition, the realism in both operation and sound is unparalleled in gas shotguns.

Manufacturer: JAG Arms
Muzzle Velocity: 300-330 FPS
Shell Magazine Capacity: 30 rds
Package Includes: Gun, Shell
Warranty Length: 45 Days
Warranty Handler: Airsoft GI (Warranty Policy)


  • 3 Burst & 6 Burst Firing Modes
  • Full Stock Design
  • Metal Construction
  • Polymer Hand Guard & Grip
  • Removable Gas Tank – Located in the Butt Stock
  • QD Sling Mount Points
  • Top Rail Segment for Optics
  • Fixed Hop up

Please Note:

  • Accessories (i.e. optics, lasers, bipods, etc.) included by the manufacturer may vary.
  • Gas is NOT included.