New Bullet Technology Makes it Hard to Miss

These projectiles, in .45ACP and 12 gauge, fire a center slug as well as 3 outer fragments that are tethered together for a controlled spread. So is this a gimmick, or is it an improvement to self defense ammunition? Let’s find out!

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3D Printed HopUp Bucking (Ninja Flex, Zen Toolworks)

In this video I am on a mission to get my Daytona Gun FAL to shoot straight. I was breaking in the original hopup bucking when I noticed that my hop unit had shifted from all the recoil. After taking it apart to inspect I also noticed the hopup bucking had ripped from the way the hop screw pushed down on it, because it is so soft and the screw has unlimited travel it is very easy and likely that you will rip your bucking.

To fix this I decided to turn to my favorite tool the 3D printer, with recent advances it is now possible to print in flexible materials which act similar to rubber.

My first attempt was to create a flat hop type bucking with no ridges and no notches to push on the bb simply the bucking itself was being squeezed through the window in the barrel. This worked on some level as it did hop the BBs but because the material prints in layers the hop was unpredictable, sometimes too much sometimes too little.

Next I tried a flexible material called Ninja Flex, my printer had a hard time printing with this stuff but I did manage to print out a decent hop rubber.

I also coupled this with an airsoft hopup mod called G-hop, an excellent tutorial that I followed made by TopHatRunner Airsoft can be found here this yielded much better results.

All along I had planned on installing a Tanio Koba Twist Barrel. This is a rifled barrel that is designed to give the BB a smoother travel down the barrel as the air swirls around the BB creating a bed of air, or so they say.

I experimented a bit with all the different rubbers and this barrel. The mod that you can do without the 3D printer is to take the existing rubber and shave off the ridge and knob on the inside of the bucking. This worked ok but caused many feeding issues. Also because the original rubber is so soft it easily punctures from the hopup screw pressing down on it so I went back to a hop bucking printed from the Zen Toolworks flexible material This stuff is much tougher than the original bucking or the Ninja flex. After installing that into the gun I noticed much better feeding, consistency, accuracy and even on full auto I had some decent results for sub 100 foot engagements, as you probably would do with a real full auto gun.

Perhaps this hop up will also benefit from a break in stage but from the shots I took in my backyard it might be ready for the outdoor fields, only a game will test it to the fullest. Stay tuned for that.

AirsoftPeak – Energy Gearbox Build – Part 1 -ASTKilo23-

Something new from I wanted to do a build with a single brand of parts, and Energy looked like what I wanted. The gearbox shell in this video will be the first of five parts I will be review from a company called Energy, a China-made aftermarket Airsoft parts manufacturer. Look for the next two videos in this series to see how the build turns out!

Pick up the gearbox shell here:

And check out the Kilo23 facebook page:

Level IIIA Armor vs CZ Scorpion EVO3 S1

Testing out soft body armor against some nasty 9mm rounds from my new Scorpion Evo 3 S1. I may even try a few 12 gauge rounds at this armor…….

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Body Armor


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Top 5 SHTF Preps

If you are only going to do 5 things to prepare for a SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan) scenario, these are the 5 Steps that all the experts agree are the most important. Come with me if you want to live.

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Airsoft Sniper Gameplay L96 Scope Cam Video21

A Airsoft game at Cortijo Chemant(Spain). I’m using a WELL L96 Warrior & and KWA MP9.

Camaras used:
GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition, JVC Everio GZ-E200

Zoom used:
L96 – 10x zoom

BB’s used with L96 are 0,40gr King Arms

L96 – Spring, Cylinder and Trigger.

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