Barry Burton Limited Edition Samurai Edge Tokyo Marui

Airsoft Atlanta reviews the very limited edition Barry Burton / Samurai Edge / Biohazard / Resident Evil M9 Gas Airsoft Gun by Tokyo Marui! Extremely rare and hard to find. This is also an incredibly well made airsoft gas pistol that you would be proud of.

Barry Burton limited edition:

Samurai Edge ‘Biohazard’ regular edition (not limited):

And of course the regular black M9 by Tokyo Marui:

Should Polarstars be Banned? Plus: How to Fix Broken Barrel Threads | Airsoftology Mondays

This week we take on the BIG topic of the HPA gun bans that have been sweeping some of the fields across the US, and share our personal thoughts on the matter.

Plus (on the lighter side) we cover the use of the DMR role in games, walk you through a quick fix for messed-up threads on your barrel and discuss if it’s safe to play in the rain with your AEG.

Video of the week – BirnyX’s Nerf vs Airsoft:

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Airsoft Snipers G&P MK12 Mod0

I went into a game at Section8, just to take photos, but I still had my Pivothead Durango camcorder glasses recording and got this little video.
Filmed using my Pivothead Durango camcorder glasses, get more info via this link

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Airsoft Team Death Match @ Mission Airsoft – PolarStar Krytac, VFC M27, WE 416 SOC

How exactly does a “Warm-Up Game” work when the heat in Texas is blazing? Well it’s that time for you to see in this addition of gameplay from USAirsoft right off of Scott’s slow f***in computer. Or you can hit dislike and run away from this video like a few do every time we upload. I’m happy I swear.

Multiple Projectiles Are Neat

I’m going to say redeemed. I’m not saying better than a hollow point, just saying these are kinda cool. 😉

Demolition Ranch Apparel

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Innovv C3 Snake Camera and its Airsoft Application

Big thanks to for sending me this camera to explore its possibilities in airsoft. If you want one follow the links below.
Innovv C3(120 Degree+16G 16GB Micro SD / SDHC Card):
Innovv C3(120 Degree):
Innovv C3(90 Degree):

As the review will show this camera was defective but don’t let that dissuade you, it has incredible potential for airsoft. Having the option to house the main body separately from the small lens is a huge advantage and you will see me use this camera in some cool ways as time passes, so be sure to stay tuned.

For a detailed review of the camera check out Techmoan’s video

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The P08 Replacement: WE P38 GBB Pistol – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

The WE P38 comes in an amazing LED case which is good enough to use as a gun stand on its own. Imagine tagging the P38 along to a skirmish and then revealing this to all your friends. All you need to do to open it is to push the buttons on top to the side and the gun rack will slide upwards allowing you to remove the pistol in the coolest fashion. That in itself is amazing but does it get better or go downhill from here? Tim let’s you know what it’s all about.

Link to WE P38:

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