Drinking Alcohol at an Airsoft Game?!?! | Airsoftology Q&A Show

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2:30 Will using toothpaste on your goggles help with fogging?
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4:08 Operation Uprising 3… are you going and what’s it like?

6:19 What is your opinion on adults bringing alcohol to an airsoft game?

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GIRLS fight with AIRSOFT GUNS – 1 vs 1

Two female airsoft girls fighting against each others. Was an experiement which turned out to be pretty interesting. Weather wasn’t hot at all since it was winter. Have fun watching those two gorgeous girls / women / woman / females / chicks fighting against each others. Hope I hit all keywords for SEO – enjoy the video!
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Elite Force H8R Review – Is This The Next BEST Thing? – The $60 Airsoft Gun

Elite Force H8r Review – Is This The Next BEST Thing? – The $60 Airsoft Gun – Elite Force H8r Unboxing and Review

The Elite Force H8r revolver is one of the most hyped up airsoft guns on this year but is it all really deserved or are you being lead to believe a myth? We’ll I was sent one of these “amazing” pieces to give my insight on its existence.
First thoughts out of the box would be that I was impressed with the build construction. For $60 I did not expect much but instead of a flimsy pile, I was greeted with a well put together body with no wobbling parts.
For features there is not much to talk about but the reloading process does stand out. The loading of discs that insert into the mock cylinder did turn me off from the H8r however in retrospect, they are very easy to load and you even receive 4 extra discs so you keep yourself stocked up during a somewhat heavy game.
The H8r does show itself as a sub $100 gun in a few ways but not to the point that it’s unusable. You have to pick your fights when using the H8r and not expect crazy feats of marksmanship however you should try to use the H8r as a close range option just in case of close by enemies that need to be taken out in style. Show some skill with a revolver in a game and you know you’ll feel the satisfaction of a good HIT.

Got something to say about the Elite Force H8r Revolver? Well let me know what’s on your mind down in the comments and maybe we can start a conversation.

Gas Blow Back Central: https://www.gasblowbackcentral.com/

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Ask Amped Episode 62 – Dad Bods, Retro Loadouts and We’re not as dead this time!

Matt and Anthony are in the studio to bring you guys Episode 62 of Ask Amped! We’re not quite as sick and dead as last time, so hopefully this episode is a little less triggering for the faint at heart. Not like we care though. We actually do a little bit. Sometimes…

Ask Amped is a question and answer show where you guys submit your BBwarz questions and we do our best to answer them honestly to the best of our combined knowledge, right off the bat.

Get your comments and questions in for the next episode down below and we’ll do our best to answer them in the upcoming episode!

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Daedalus & his Silverback SRS A1 Sniper rifle.
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Silverback SRS A1 supplied by Fubar Bundy at http://fubarbundy.co.uk

My Favorite Picks From SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas

Make sure to visit my written post for this video with additional photos over on ReplicaAirguns.com: http://www.replicaairguns.com/posts/2017/2/16/my-favorite-picks-from-shot-show-2017-in-las-vegas.html

This year at SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas, I found there wasn’t a lot of new Airgun product but as always there are some that stand out for me. If you want more info on each Airgun Company then make sure to watch my full interviews for this years SHOT Show 2017. So without prolonging this video any longer let’s get right into it…

Music from the YouTube Audio Library – Vibe Tracks – TFB9

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Spec Ops Global Mystery Box | Fan Mail | Patches for Sale!

Today I’m doing an unboxing of the Spec Ops Global Elite box. This month’s box was a bit more lethal than normal… Also fan mail! Fan mail is fun. And finally, our patches are finally available for purchase via Patreon!

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My Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Sniper Rifle : Tokyo Marui VSR-10
Pistol : Tokyo Marui MK23

My Equipment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3Lnelm1vKE

My name is Dayton, an airsoft sniper from BC Canada, Ever since I started airsoft I’ve been addicted to the long range game. that’s why I play as a sniper. I have some knowledge of CQB and urban play but if you see me out in the field, chances are I’m out there with my tokyo marui vsr10 and mk23.

True Legends Keep Evolving- NPO AK-12 – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

Marck looks at the NPO-AEG AK-12 to see how the legendary AK keeps evolving.
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POSEIDON P18C GAS BLOWBACK PISTOL / Unboxing / Upgraded G18c / Customized G18 / Airsoft Glock 18

What do you get when you take a We-Tech G18 and upgrade it to within an inch of its life? You get a POSEIDON P18C, that’s what you get!

Huge thanks to J.K.ARMY and POSEIDON for supplying this P18C.


Poseidon Air Cushion Pistol inner Barrel
Poseidon ICE PICK GBB Flute Valve System Red
Poseidon ICE Breaker Piston Head 14mm Red
Poseidon ICE PICK Pistol Loading Muzzle Spring
Re-tuned Trigger spring and Gas Delayer
Turbo Valve Polar Jet
Ice Breaker Piston Head
Formula G has been applied on the trigger parts
Zero Resistance Nano Coating Inner Barrel
Poseidon Barrel
Exclusive Hop-up Bucking
Metal Hop Up Adjustment Wheel
Metal Slide
Semi/fully automatic option
Adjustable Hop-up system
Co2/Top Gas/Green Gas Usage
Capacity: 25Rds
6MM BBs Usage
280-300FPS(Top Gas)

Co2 WE G-Series Co2 magazines are compatible.

FOR LAWS & REGULATIONS regarding the hobby/sport of Airsoft in the UK and other countries, please visit the Airsoft Mike website. Link below..

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MY OTHER CHANNEL (Mike’s Tech and Toys)

All of the reviews featured on Airsoft Mike’s Youtube channel are brand new, out of the box reviews. So more often than not, all items featured will be in good, if not perfect working order.
A follow up review of all Airsoft guns and equipment will be done at a later date.
This is so a full and frank opinion can be given. Any faults or issues discovered since the unboxing, will be highlighted in follow up videos.

Always be safe and never carry your Airsoft gun openly in a public place. It is illegal to do so in many countries and can lead to your arrest or serious risk of being injured or killed by other people who may carry real guns!
Although Airsoft Guns are non lethal, NEVER brandish your Airsoft gun in a private or public place, unless all persons present know that it is not a real gun!
Best practice is to always treat Airsoft guns as if they are real, and handle them in a safe manner.
An accidental discharge from an Airsoft gun can cause serious injury to eyes and minor stings or injuries to other parts of the human body. Protective goggles and clothing is always recommended!
NEVER shoot an Airsoft weapon at anybody who is not in gameplay and is not wearing suitable eye protection or clothing.
Be safe, play safe!

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