M1919 MACHINE GUN vs. BONZAI CHARGE | Milsim West 1945 World War 2 Airsoft Game

This was a custom skirmish airsoft game played at Milsim West’s 1945 World War 2 Airsoft game. It was a mix of blank fire and airsoft guns. Every player who participated played with an adjusted rule set to give everyone a fun experience with both their airsoft and blank fire guns.
We did our best with the very limited number of players (5 of us total on the Japanese side) to recreate the human wave tactics used by Imperial Japanese Forces.

Glock Officially Licensed Training Pistol – Glock 17 for LEO/MIL only – FOX AIRSOFT

Fox Airsoft is excited to announce an officially licensed Glock 17 training pistol for law enforcement and military use. These are not to be confused with the upcoming consumer grade Glocks that will be out soon, these are LE/Military only.

These pistols feature steel components unlike consumer grade airsoft pistols and unlicensed replicas. This ensures an airsoft pistol that can withstand the rigors of training use. These are dimensionally correct and will fit many duty holsters. Two magazines are included with the gun, one that accepts green gas and the other accepting CO2. This gives you great flexibility for logistics and cost. Also included are a plastic orange barrel and metal black barrel to be used as mandated by your department.

Again this line of pistols is only available to approved departments and agencies. No sales to individual officers or civilians. A civilian licensed Glock will be coming soon.

Colorado departments: you may schedule an appointment to receive a demonstration of this model!

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Has YouTube Helped or Hurt Airsoft?

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Today we’ll be discussing how social media has helped (and hurt) airsoft in general.

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The SAI BLU Airsoft Pistol by EMG – Full Sneak Peek! | Airsoftology MOA Show 2017

Official Airsoftology product review on SAI BLU Airsoft Pistol.
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World War 2 Milsim | Milsim West 1945 Series Trailer

World war 2 airsoft milsim game presented by Milsim West and G&G Armament. 1945 is a World War 2 milsim airsoft event hosted by Milsim West and G&G Armament at Hill 559 in Fresno, California. The game combines all fronts of World War 2 into one epic weekend of airsoft.

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Phoenix Char Custom – The See Through $325 Airsoft Pistol

Phoenix Char Custom – The See Through $325 Airsoft Pistol

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DESERT EAGLE THREE WAY COMPARISON / Tokyo Marui / Cybergun WE / Cybergun KWC

This is it! The epic three way comparison video between the three Deagle heavyweights in Airsoft.

Join me as I compare all three and then give YOU the opportunity to cast a vote for the one you think is the best!

1:05 Boxes
5:45 GRIPS

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All of the reviews featured on Airsoft Mike’s Youtube channel are brand new, out of the box reviews. So more often than not, all items featured will be in good, if not perfect working order.
A follow up review of all Airsoft guns and equipment will be done at a later date.
This is so a full and frank opinion can be given. Any faults or issues discovered since the unboxing, will be highlighted in follow up videos.

Always be safe and never carry your Airsoft gun openly in a public place.
It is illegal to do so in many countries and can lead to your arrest or serious risk of being injured or killed by other people who may carry real guns! 
Although Airsoft Guns are non lethal, NEVER brandish your Airsoft gun in a public place. NEVER brandish your Airsoft gun in a private place, unless all persons present.. know that it is not a real gun!
Best practice is to always treat Airsoft guns as if they are real, and handle them in a safe manner. 
An accidental discharge from an Airsoft gun can cause serious injuries to eyes and minor stings or minor injuries to other parts of the human body. Protective goggles and clothing is always recommended!
NEVER shoot an Airsoft weapon at anybody who is not in gameplay or is not wearing suitable eye protection and clothing.
Be safe, play safe!