Classic Army DT4 Unboxing dual barrel m4 AEG airsoft gun unboxing from Airsoft-GI / Team Valorbound

Classic Army DT4 Unboxing, this dual barrel m4 has a nice solid feel to it. These 3 AEG airsoft guns I ordered over a year ago finally came this afternoon and after doing a firing test decided to show the unboxing of the third DT4 I received.

The gear box in the Classic Army DT4 is activated by one trigger and houses two separately adjustable hop up units. The inner barrels look like they are made from brass, and the hop ups on all three guns were turned to max hop up leaving no more room for adjustment, this part was concerning. I like my dual polarstar HPA better but this will be fun to take on the field for a firing test and game test… concerns are how long will the battery last, can i shoot it without damaging the gun with only one magazine in it, how much range will I get with a gear box pushing two BB’s and how long with the gear box last doing this as well.

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