Airsoft SR25 | Long Range and Rapid Follow Up DMR Gameplay

Choosing an airsoft SR25 such as this version by ARES airsoft is one way to keep the long range advantage of a sniper with the quick follow up abilities of an assault rifle. On this day I am taking my slightly upgraded ARES SR25 from Airsoft Megastore To make it a little more capable I upgraded the spring to get me closer to the 500 fps filed limit and I also installed a new inner barrel from LongBowBB along with my still experiemental B-hop hopup window design which gave me good results. The magazines are a bit finicky from one to the next. I would often see a huge change in the hopup amount from magazine to magazine which forced me to change my hopup settings when I switched magazines, extremely annoying. I am now trying to eliminate/fix the magazines that are causing this to avoid future problems.

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