The Best of Both Worlds – Lancer Tactical M14 Overview

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This new M14 Rifle from Lancer Tactical has an outstanding list of included features to set itself apart from the competition. This unique rifle was developed in the 1940s to standardize the weaponry of U.S troops but was soon replaced with the M16 due to its unwieldy weight which proves difficult in close quarter combat. This rifle is built with a sturdy polymer body and one piece barrel, ensuring your rifle is ready for the most harsh battle conditions without risking integrity. The rifle comes with adjustable flip-up front and rear iron sights so you can zero in your target accurately even in hectic situations where using an optic scope may prove difficult .The functional charging handle and mock bolt catch add to the overall realism of this replica, making this a fun weapon for airsoft enthusiasts. A specially designed ergonomic pistol grip is used for this rifle, providing maximum grip and rifle stability in all weather conditions. This style M14 features a shorter barrel which helps greatly in CQB situations, making this an extremely versatile weapon. Internally, the Lancer Tactical M14 is fitted with a metal reinforced Version 7 Gearbox which contains high quality full steel gears, high Tension spring, metal spring guide with bearing, reinforced cylinder head and vacuum piston head. The 400 FPS will have your enemies shaking in their boots when they are confronted with this HPAEG. This next level gearbox also comes with metal precision 8mm bearing and bushing set to ensure rapid, smooth gear change and long lasting durability. Utilize the adjustable hop-up to account for target range and wind conditions in order to get that perfect shot, every time. By combining a durable polymer build with the power and accuracy needed to take out the competition, the M14 from Lancer Tactical is an AEG that will surely resonate with players of all skill levels and play styles.


400 FPS (0.20g BB)
Magazine: 400rd Hi-Cap
Weight: 7lbs
Inner Barrel: 420mm
8.4v Battery INCLUDED
Standard Wall Charger INCLUDED
Durable Polymer Body
Metal Barrel Assembly
Flip-up Shoulder Support
Front and Rear Sling Attachment Points
Receiver Can Accept Most M14 Optic Mounts
Adjustable Cheek Riser
Ergonomic Pistol Grip
High Impact Polymer Handguard
Version 7 Full Metal Gearbox
1:1 Replica
Adjustable Hop-up
Safe / Semi / Full Auto