LCT AK47 Full Metal AEG w/ Real Wood | Quick Look Airsoft Megastore

Take a quick look at the features of a 1:1 replica of a real steel AK 47. This Ak47 manufactured by LCT weighs in at around 9 pounds, full metal body, real wood furniture, and packs a serios punch.

Full List Of AK Parts and Accessories from LCT:

Link for more INFO:

Features list :
-360mm steel outer barrel fires in a fixed trajectory
-Wood furniture has a smooth glossy coated finish
-Solid real wood 6-inch handguard assists in rifle stability
-Adjustable Hop-Up System adjusts to windage and range
-Fire selector lever works in the manner identical real steel
-Includes a mid-capacity 120 round metal frame AK magazine
-Fires in both semi and fully automatic with a functional safety
-Realistic steel charging handle pulls to reveal hop-up adjuster
-Built using a stamped steel receiver with reinforced top cover
-Metal Rear Sling mount secures a sling to increase maneuverability
-14mm counter clockwise (CCW) attaches barrel extensions and flash hiders
-9.4-inch real wood fixed stock can be shouldered for more accurate BB fire
-Solid wood pistol grip crafted with an intersecting ergonomic pattern
-Steel flip-up rear and triangle front sight assists in zeroing in on targets
-Practically identical to the AK47 in coloration, weight and dimensions

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