Classic Army Gen 2 ECS Skirmish Series – Delta KM EC1 EC2 – Fox Airsoft

Classic Army has upgraded their entire line of Skirmish Series AEGs which is the perfect beginner airsoft gun for you. The Gen 2 ECS Skirmish series gearbox has been upgraded to be stronger and feature a programmable trigger. The gun now shoots better than ever before and comes with a standard charger and battery all for $184.99. Look for our starter kits for these guns coming soon!

Note: The ECS trigger is programmable without the use of any external programmers or software! Just pull the trigger in semi-auto and hold it and listen for the beeps. Pull the trigger once to cycle through the modes. Put the selector to full auto when you want to make your selection. The modes available are: single/auto, single/burst, burst, auto, and more! Each beep denotes how many shots in each selector position per trigger pull.***

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