AGM MP40 / AGM MP007 / Unboxing Review / Call Of Duty WW2

Welcome to another episode in my series of Airsoft videos based on the arsenal used in the Call Of Duty WW2 video game and of course, based on the historical real steel from WW2. This time, its the turn of the AGM MP40.

Dimensions: 630mm / 830mm (with stock extended)
Barrel Length: 250mm
Weight: 7lbs
Velocity: 300-350 FPS
Effective Range: Up to 100 feet
Magazine Capacity: 50-55 Rounds
Gearbox: Full Metal
Hop-Up: Slide Adjustable
Motor: High Torque.
Recommended Battery: 8.4v Small Butterfly Type / 7.4v LiPo
Firing Mode: Safe, Full Auto & Semi-Auto.

Average retail prices in Pounds/Dollars & Euros 107 to 170
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