G&G GPM1911 Airsoft Pistol Review – A Very Simple Classic

G&G GPM1911 Airsoft Pistol Review – A Very Simple Classic

G&G GPM1911 with hardcase: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product/GG-GPM-1911-CQB-Gas-Pistol-Airsoft-Gun-w-BB-Loader-Pistol-Case-Black-32860/

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The G&G GPM1911 can be had for $120 but is really worth it? The hard case and the clear speedloader that greatly helps with reloads are great additions to the product but the GPM1911 itself needs to be looked further into.
As you would expect from an M1911A1 replica, all the controls are basic with no added textures or “flare”. The controls work, it’s that simple. The safety is crisp, the magazine drops your 26 round magazine freely, and the slide release releases.
It’s a bit hard to go further into this gun besides telling you that when it comes to performance this pistol is pretty run of the mill for expect maybe the power output, let me explain.
I would normally get about 25 to 32 shots per gas fill which is normal for the other green gas 1911s I’ve tested before but during these shots I either received a full powered shots or no shots. The GPM1911 never half stroked or dropped in range severely besides the last shot before totally running out of gas as other gbb pistols do however the FPS readings at the chrono were all over the place.

Despite this, range was good at around 150 feet with an unadjusted hopup and some G&G .28gram bbs and the build construction was awesome with no wobbly or weak parts found on the outside.
For $120 I’d say that yes, the GPM1911 is worth it but it could be better. I’d like for the FPS to be more consistent and I’d like to see better gas consumption and or Co2 magazine options but I’ll give G&G a pass for this being one of the very few gbb pistols of their own design to be marketed.

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