Top 5 Airsoft Bullpup Builds – The Rarest Airsoft Gun – Asahi WA2000

Top 5 Airsoft Bullpup Builds – The Rarest Airsoft Gun – Asahi WA2000

5.) 1/2 Silver Asahi WA2000 SDX
Custom hop up from SniperX

4.) G&G F2000
Lancer Tactical EGLM
Foam filled suppressor
590mm Angel custom 6.01 tightbore inner barrel
Maple leaf 80 degree bucking
Wolverine Gen 2 Hydra

3.) S&T Tavor
Angry Gun military rail system
G36 top rail
6.01 tight bore inner barrel
Apple Airsoft CNC Air Nozzle,
Prometheus hop up bucking

Bonus: APS UAR
G36 top rail
SIR rail kit
assort riser rails
fortis style grip
a cheap laser and flashlight
knights armanment style rail covers
Visionking 1.25 – 5×30 scope
4 inch barrel extension
mock suppressor
airsoftpro 18:1 gearset
Systema Magnum motor
Jefftron mosfet
Element Trigger assembly
Madbull 6.03 inner barrel
Guarder M150 spring
Green G&G Hop up bucking

2.) WE L85A2
madbull daniel defense rail kit
big dragon grip pod
ACM rail covers
red dot ontop
zmount and riser
RA tech steel bolt, cnc trigger, sear and hammer
RA tech 6.01 510mm barrel with a Maple leaf 75° Autobot bucking Homemade flatnub

1.) Wolverine Inferno co2 stock wraith magpul pts pdr-c
3D printed gearbox for the Inferno and Prowin hop-up
Prowin hop-up chamber is also modded to fit the box/gun
3D printed trigger box with Spartan edition FCU/trigger board
Fits standard M4 triggers
custom CNC machined low profile adapters for the Warith CO2 stock and regulator
custom CNC machined body/shell for the storm regulator in the back of the gun
Everything is designed and drawn by myself, aluminium parts are milled by a friend
3D printed grip extension, doubles as holder for the Wraith CO2 adapter
Holosun T1 sight

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