The Weirdest Airsoft Gun I’ve Reviewed – Bingo Airsoft Works AS5 | 3D Printed Gun

The Weirdest Airsoft Gun I’ve Reviewed – Bingo Airsoft Works AS5 | USAirsoft – 3D Printed Gun

The Bingo Airsoft Designs Advanced System 5 or AS5 is the world’s first fully 3D printed airsoft gun that features some amazing elements that have not been implemented as of yet in any other airsoft gun. Dump a bottle and go with the 3000 round internal hopper, use the AS5 as an LMG, use it as a normal-ish rifle, it doesn’t matter, you will stand out while accomplishing your mission.
Rudy Hilado is not new to HPA builds or even to 3D printing as he’s been doing this kind of work for years. Talk to any veteran HPA owner, they know about Bingo, he might as well be a household name in airsoft.
The AS5 is still up in the air with sheets of improvements and ideas flying around to expand the project but with this video we can greatly help Rudy at his quest to improve his idea so comment away your opinions.

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Revelations 7 | Death Laser (Open World Airsoft Game)

Revelations 7 is an open world airsoft event held at Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake, Virginia. There are no set teams, the game is completely open to what you make of it. If you want to raise an army and massacre other players, you can. If you want to be a hero and save as many people from evil as possible, you can. So on and so forth. The adventures you have within Revelations 7 is what you make of them.

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And the Winner is… (Airsoftology Best of 2017 Awards + Your Questions) | Airsoftology Q&A Show

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9:01 – Are there some airsoft guns that are unsportsmanlike?
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11:45 – Can you change the FPS of a gun without opening it?

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From San Antonio To The World – USAirsoft 40K Celebration!!!

From San Antonio To The World – USAirsoft 40K Celebration!!!

I want to begin doing more for you since you do soooo so so much for me. I’m going to do something different and in this difference I hope that I can make you as happy as I can over this site. I may not be able to treat every single one of you but as we grow I will throw in more and more so more people can win and their prizes can be even more epic. I can’t be more amazed at what you have done for me right now with all that’s going on right now but hate if that’s all you got on you (you chump) but I don’t plan on lightening up my goals and ambitions.
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Sniper Challenge – Novritsch vs Fabi – Sniper Arena Special

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(Airsoft) Unboxing the FN FNS-9 Cybergun

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The gun of this video has been provided to me by Cybergun. Thanks to Cybergun for this gun ! Its price should be around 159 euros, at the moment I’m releasing this video I’m not sure of it really.

The FNS-9 Cybergun is a full metal GBB (barrel and slide are made of metal, frame is made of plastic, like the real one), conceived and licensed by Cybergun and produced by VFC.

It has a great finish, great kick and it uses a Marui type inner barrel and hop up rubber, which makes it easy to upgrade if you need too.

The trigger pull is kind of hard, but it makes it realistic. The trigger reset itself is sadly a bit scratchy.

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La réplique présentée dans cette vidéo m’a été fournie par Cybergun. Merci ! Son prix devrait être autour de 159 euros ; au moment où je sors cette vidéo je ne suis pas totalement sûr.

Le FNS-9 Cybergun est un GBB full metal (canon et culasse métal, corps en plastique comme le vrai) conçu et licencié par Cybergun et produit par VFC.

Il a une finition très sympa ainsi qu’un excellent kick. Il utilise un canon interne et un joint hop up au standard Marui, ce qui le rend facile à upgrader au besoin.

La détente est un peu dure à tirer, ce qui la rend plutôt réaliste. Le trigger reset par contre gratte un peu, c’est dommage.

Airsoft Scope Cam – HK G28 DMR

I had to try my hand at the G28 from Elite force. Everyone wants to be an airsoft sniper these days but I am just trying to keep heads down and not break my arms while using this beast! This is my first scope cam footage, using a Shot Trak HD. Hope you guys enjoy.
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