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Warped OPs Sniper at Operation Acquisition

First round of sniper gameplay from Operation Acquisition held at Warped OPs airsoft park.

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How Far Will Recoil Throw a Gun if You Aren’t Holding It?

Firing guns with no hands is totally gangster.

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G&G 1.1-4X24 Variable Scope | Airsoftology Review

Official Airsoftology product review on the G&G 1.1-4X24 Variable Scope.
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Jonathan’s looking at G&G’s new premium Variable scope, which does double duty as a CQB optic as well as a long range scope. But does it do both well? Watch and decide for yourself.

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Krytac CRB City Defense | River City Airsoft

Today we have some gameplay from RIver City airsoft defending the town with my Krytac CRB. This is the first time I’ve tried using the T1 overlay, and I hope you guys enjoy it.
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(Airsoft) Unboxing DL-44 Heavy Blaster pistol (custom based on HFC C96 NBB)

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Little video about this DL-44 custom I bought from another airsoft player. The base is a HFC C96, a full metal model (plastic version also exist), NBB replica of the Mauser C96. The precedent owner got 3D printed parts which have been painted and mounted on the gun.

In the end it makes a very nice object, a very nice goodie for any Star Wars fan !

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Petite vidéo concernant ce DL-44 custom que j’ai acheté à un autre joueur. La base est un C96 HFC, un modèle full metal (une version plastique existe aussi) et NBB qui reproduit le Mauser C96. Le précédent propriétaire a imprimé des pièces supplémentaires avec une imprimante 3D, qui ont été peintes puis montées sur la réplique.

L’objet final est très sympa, un chouette goodie pour les fans de Star Wars !