CLEAR THE BOAT! | Bodgeups Airsoft

Published on Apr 30, 2016

CLEAR THE BOAT! | Bodgeups Airsoft
Here’s another gameplay video from Red 1 “The Boat”.
Today I’m using my Tokyo Marui MP7 gas blowback.

Here is my rifle!

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Tokyo Marui G-Spec @ 485fps w/ 0.2g. Using ProBall 0.45g bb’s.
Tokyo Marui G-Spec 303mm 6.05 inner barrel.
Laylax zero trigger & piston.
Laylax Teflon cylinder
Jack Pyke LLCS camo suit & leaf material for the rifle.


Scope Cam: Panasonic HDC-SD800 recording at 1080p 30fps, using 12x optical zoom
Barrel Cam: GoPro Hero HD recording at 1080p 30fps.
Laser Rangefinder: Something I found on ebay…
Video Editing: Camtasia Studio 8 from

Can The Valken Battle Machine Hold Its Own? – Valken Battle Machine Gameplay Footage

I took Brian from NBRs Valken Battle Machine out for a test run the other day at the NBR field in Everett WA. After installing a new hop up arm and nub and giving it a decent shim job, it ran pretty well. The gun is running on a 7.4v stick lipo and I am using TSD 0.28g bbs for the duration of the footage.
Overall, it worked well for close to mid range woodland gameplay, but but 120ft or so, the gun becomes less effective. Groupings are reasonable for mid range, but moving out to longer ranges, it becomes a game of spray and pray.
Decent gun for beginner who are looking to get started in the sport, but there are other, probably better, choices on the market.

Airsoft War G&P USMC SAM-R, PTS AR-15

Airsoft gameplay from Section8, Scotland, players battle for control of the trench system. ** NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK ** 2016 PLAYLIST CLICK HERE ** SUBSCRIBE **
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All of this video was recorded using a GoPro Hero 3+ silver & a ZhiYun Rider-M stabilising gimbal

Keeper’s Rant – Airsoft in Public View

With all the Drama lately with Events, Promoters and Legality of where they have held their events, all that stuff is unimportant in my opinion.   Playing Safe is the MOST important thing.

Public’s perception seems to be the issue most of the time with everything in Airsoft now.  A GBB Pistol that looks like the real thing or a AK that is so real that someone can not tell the difference.   It is the job of the Players attending an Event, OP or going to your Local Field to follow the rules and and be aware of the two most important aspects of Airsoft….Be Smart & Be Safe.

Walking in Public view with a Airsoft Replica is not smart, no matter how you look at it. If you have to traverse to a location or if you are in the Public view, your Airsoft Replicas SHOULD be in a Gun bag or some type of case.

If you see someone at An Event, OP or even at a Local Field carrying a Replica without a Gun Bag in public view, tell them about it (politely) and even offer to throw their replica(s) in your Gun bag. Safety and a Positive Public Perception….something everyone should strive for, regardless if it is at an Event, Playing at your Local Field or even at your home.

Promote Safety and others will follow by example……

DEFUSE THE NUKE! | BB Wars Episode V: Water Wars Gameplay Part 2 – Airsoft GI

Imperial forces prepare a nuke to take out the water filtration plant. If they can’t have it no one else can. Can the Rebels stop them in time? Watch and find out!


Lancer Tactical


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G&P M203 Grenade Launchers & Specialized Shells – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

Every so often, you notice a fellow Airsofter a Grenade Launcher attached to the barrel of their M4. From what we’ve seen, Grenade Launchers are used by a small fraction of the community in American or European but, in Russia, are used by every other player and is pretty much non-existent in Hong Kong Skirmishes. Tim believes that they need to be used more often, and here’s why.

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