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Honest Guys Review – Tippmann Arms M4 – Part 3

Matt and Anthony are in the studio today to (finally) bring you guys the 3rd and final review of the Tippmann Arms M4! After a year of testing, repairs, modifications and abuse, we now bring you guys the summation of our experiences with this awesome bb blaster! Make sure to check out Part 1 and 2 on our channel first if you haven’t already.

Pick up your own Tippmann Arms M4 today from Amped Airsoft!

After you watch the video, make sure to get your comments or questions in down below!

Please remember to read the instructions on your new Airsoft replicas, accessories and gear, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something, that’s what we’re here for: to help you guys become pros!

As always, remember to play honorably, call your hits and have fun!

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(Airsoft) Unboxing the AA12 Tokyo Marui

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Thanks to Impulse101 ! The AA12 is available on their website for 46 500 yens :
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Full review by Ding Chavez :–le-shotgun-qui-debrousaille–/33354910.html

Here is the AA12 from Tokyo Marui ! A new type of airsoft gun they decided to call “AES”, for “Autmatic Electric Shotgun”. The AA12 is a replica of the real AA12. It works pretty much like a standard AEG, except that it shots 3 bbs per shoot (semi auto or full auto), has 3 inner barrels and 3 independant, adjustable hop up.

The gun also has the “FET” module, some kind of electronic safety feature which will block the gun if it detects problems with the battery (too powerful, not enough, not enough charge, etc).

The gun is quite heavy with its 4 kg.
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Merci à Impulse101 ! Le AA12 est dispo sur leur site pour 46 500 yens :
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Batterie recommandée par Marui :

Review complète par Ding Chavez :–le-shotgun-qui-debrousaille–/33354910.html

Et voici le AA12 de chez Tokyo Marui ! Un nouveau type de répliques qu’ils ont décidé d’appeler “AES”, pour “Automatic Electric Shotgun”. Le AA12 est une réplique du vrai AA12. Il fonctionne grosso modo comme un AEG, sauf qu’il tire 3 billes par tir (en semi ou en full auto), qu’il a 3 canons internes ainsi que 3 hop up ajustables de façon indépendante.

La réplique dispose aussi du module “FET”, une sorte de sécurité électronique qui bloque la réplique si elle détecte des anomalies (batterie trop puissante, pas assez, pas assez chargée, etc).

La réplique est assez lourde avec ses 4 kg.

ICS CXP UK1 Captain 262 & 263-1

Here’s 2 new guns from ICS being tested at The Depot CQB site in Glasgow. The black gun is the 262 CXP UK1 and the tan version is the IMT 263-1 CXP UK1.

Filmed at The Depot, Glasgow
The Depot Castlemilk, Glasgow

Guns tested by Saul from GoArmy

For more info on these items go to

M3A1 ‘Grease Gun’

The M3 (and more common M3A1) were the USA’s answer to quickly manufacturing large numbers of cheap .45 ACP sub machine guns during WW2; an issue brought about by the slow and expensive process required to manufacture a Thompson M1928 or M1. The Thompson also had a high rate of fire, making fielding the guns a pricey proposal all around.

The M3 is a super simple, straight blowback SMG using a lot of cheap, stamped parts leading to the nickname. It has a very low rate of fire and the A1 version omits the charging handle, meaning the bolt must be pulled back literally by hand (or finger in thise ca

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