Our First Guns & the Best Airsoft Grenade with Jet DesertFox & Unicorn Leah | Airsoftology Mondays

In this special edition of Airsoft Mondays, The ‘first couple’ of airsoft (Desert Fox and the Airsoft Unicorn) join Jonathan in on the couch their tactical bunker for some solid Q&A and some wild stories. Watch and see what happens when Mondays gets crazy!

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Code Red Headsets video of the week: Stab a Desert Fox – http://youtu.be/AAACRrQJ4l0

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Echo 1 Rifle Dynamics Full Metal HMG Airsoft Gun



The HMG by Echo1 is fully licensed by Rifle Dynamics. Internally, the gun is built with a reinforced gearbox and quick spring change system. Externally, the gun features a folding metal bipod, full metal body, polymer stock and grip.The HMG is the ultimate field support weapon. The auto winding box magazine is capable of holding up to 5000 rounds, giving the shooter the option to cover large ground and annihilate the opposition.

Manufacturer: Echo 1
Muzzle Velocity: 430-450FPS
Magazine Capacity: 5000 rounds
Package Includes: gun, magazine, battery, charger

Licensed by Rifle Dynamics
Steel Construction
Built In Bipod
30 Days Warranty

ThruNite LED Flashlight Cold Weather Test

I’m trying to decide which of these ThruNite flashlights I’ll be tossing in my go-bag for my adventure bike build, so let’s see which one handles cold weather the best!

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/thrunite
Amazon Ca: http://dwz.cn/1eGTT0
Amazon UK: http://amazon.co.uk/shops/A2DUUB2J3TY3X1
Amazon DE: http://amazon.de/shops/A2DUUB2J3TY3X1
Amazon FR: http://amazon.fr/shops/A2DUUB2J3TY3X1
Amazon IT: http://amazon.it/shops/A2DUUB2J3TY3X1

Airsoft GI BB Wars – Battlefront Flashpoint Pt. 3 at D14 Airsoft – Airsoft and Rock Music

Airsoft GI BB Wars – Battlefront Flashpoint Pt. 3 at D14 Airsoft – Airsoft and Rock Music (Crossways – Remember Me)

So once again we have a jammed pack show for you including the gameplay you love and a little something from the San Antonio rock band, Crossways.
In this part the rebels continue their push into the field pushing all Imperials to the side but those Imperials are no were near finished off yet! Watch the two forces duke it out again for every inch of ground right here and be sure to watch the entire video for Crossway’s hit single, Remember Me.

Crossways Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrosswaysBand/?fref=ts

Track: Remember Me – Crossways

BB Wars Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtgKRRBQnmo

BB Wars Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C286vvMFfEY
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This is gonna be a hard event to beat but if your not sold on that idea then you haven’t seen enough gameplay yet.

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Airsoft GI BB Wars – Battlefront Flashpoint Gameplay at D14 Airsoft – USAirsoft Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtgKRRBQnmo

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