Top 5 Coolest Krytac Airsoft Builds (Custom Airsoft Gun Countdown)

It’s time for another highly anticipated Airsoft Countdown with Krytac Airsoft taking the spotlight! Krytac has been growing in popularity quite quickly around all airsofters so it was no challenge to find submitters for this episode of the series. There’s a lot of links for those who made this video possible which is awesome to see as it shows the support we get for each of these videos!

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5. Krytac CRB
Parts: magpul pistol grip, T1 aimpoint sight, g&g keymod rail covers, element peq box, mbus flip up sights, ics M203

4. Hydro Dipped Krytac SPR
Parts: UTG reddot complemetns and a magpul pistol grip
Hydro Dipping By Angellio Solution

3. Krytac CRB
Parts: Madbull stock, Ace1arms osp barrel extension, Trijicon reproduction acog

2. Hyrdo Dipped Krytac CRB – PolarStar Custom
Parts: Polarstar gen3 fusion engine with a gold poppet and a red nozzle, Angel Custom speed trigger, VFC tight bore barrel
Hydro Dipping By Angellio Solution

1. Krytac Limited Edition Trident LMG – SMP
Parts: SMPlified, 13rps, Prowin hopup, Madbull purple bucking, 509mm Prometheus 6.03 stainless steel inner barrel,Original Outer barrel, aftermarket barrel extension, JBU MSS creamed banana and flash hider, Dytac keymod hanguard, Krytac rail section, OD paracord wrap, OD Magpul MOE motor grip, Black Magpul MOE stock, Ambidextrous mag release extension, Ambidextrous selector switch (stock), Monstrum 4-9x illuinated red/green scope with attached red laser, Snake amped grip line, LMG style picatinny carry handle, Authentic hollow 5.56 belt on Krytac LMG box mag, Authentic PTS mags or K120’s

Jonathan’s Radio Setup, Affordable Helmet Cameras & Are Tactical Sporks OP? | Airsoftology Mondays

In this episode of Mondays we cover Tactical Sporks, buying guns off of Ebay, Jonathan’s radio setup and more.

Tactical Collection ballcaps can be found at

Helmet Camera links on Amazon:
$99 Black Contour Roam 2 –
$95 Red Contour Roam 2 w/ 8GB card –
GoPro hero (2015) $129 –

Jonathan’s Radio Setup:
Beofeng UV5R V2+ (fits extended battery) –
3800mAh Extended Battery for Beofeng –
Extended Range Nagoya NA-771 Antenna –
Code Red Headsets Signal-21 Speaker Mic –

Video of the week: Loyalty by DEFCON Group Media –

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‘Awakening’ Mini Movie – RedWolf Airsoft Productions RWTV

‘Awakening’, staring RedWolf Tim, is the first of many RedWolf Airsoft Productions mini movies to come.


Jared Bishop (Timothy Selby from RedWolf TV) is being interrogated by a stranger (Mitch Rapp) about his girlfriend’s (Karina Curlewis) whereabouts… questions he doesn’t know the answer to. What has she got herself into?

RedWolf TV is the media channel for RedWolf Airsoft (, the world’s largest retailer and distributor of airsoft guns for hobbyists, military training and movie props.

Mateba Revolver Review – From Anime to Airsoft | Airsoftology Gear Guide

We take a look at a very unique revolver; the Mateba M-M2007 by Marushin to see if this real world pistol (that’s been made famous by the anime Ghost in the Shell) is as cool as it looks.

A huge thanks goes to Redwolf Airsoft for supplying the Mateba for review. If you’re interested in picking one up, you can grab it on their site here:

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