Never Reload Gameplay with 5 WWII Era Airsoft Guns

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Today I am taking out a bunch of WWII pistols that I’ve collected over time. I only have one magazine for most of them and they are not the most practical stand alone guns so I decided to group them together for a themed gameplay mode called “Never Reload”. What happens when you run out of ammo? Dump the gun in the dump pouch and grab another.

On my vest I have 4 guns. The KWA TT-33, Umarex P-38, WE-Tech Browning Hi-Power and the Umarex PPK. I am also carrying my favorite sidearm the KJW M1911A1 which is CO2 powered unlike the previous 4 pistols which run off green gas.

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Sneak Preview: PTS Masada GBBR – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

News of a gas blow back Masada have been circling the Airsoft world for a while ever since PTS have dropped the big news prior to Shot Show 2015. We still have to wait a little longer but Tim managed to get his hands on a pre-production model and tells you what he can about it.

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Product Review: KWA KZ61

We found Dalton! For those of you that think he is off the grid, we located him long enough for him to give us his thoughts on KWA’s new KZ61. We know that Dalton is partial to sniper rifles, but he has a weak spot for any well performing gas blow back gun. We said it before, we love KWA and this new release.

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Airsoft Revolution 15: Playing In Tornadoes! – USAirsoft CQB Airsoft Gameplay

San Antonio got some rough weather and almost left the city in ruins, thank god the tornadoes were too weak to do any real damage or you might have had one dead Camera guy…. Wonder if that would make a good video, getting sucked out of the arena while still filming until a flying truck knocks me out of the air.

Anyways AR15 (Airsoft Revolution 15 is open and taking in players so if your a San Antonio native looking for some CQB action then here’s your best option !

Also a big congratulations to Respect Everyone for winning our $200 Airsoft Station Shopping Spree! We expect an unboxing very soon from him… slash her.

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Airsoft Spontaneous Dance with Guns

So we are on our way to spawn before the round starts. The place we are playing at (Forge Airsoft Arena) has a Skrillex song on the overhead sound system. This reminds me of the Mountain Dew Kickstart commercial so an airsoft dance breaks out. Luckily between my buddy BB3AR and myself we have 5 cameras rolling so with the shared footage I cut together this funky video. Hope you enjoy it.

Check out the Mountain Dew commercial, I think it’s one of the best of all time
The Skrillex song that inspired this nonsense
The song used (love it)

Also be sure to check out BB3AR’s channel he has more of this sort of stuff on there

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Krytac Trident CRB and SPR M4 AEG – Here is a quick look of the Krytac Trident CRB and SPR. It is equiped with built in mosfet, keymod rail system with great trigger response.

Link to Krytac Trident CRB

Link to Krytac Trident SPR

S-Thunder Water Spraying Landmine Review | Airsoftology Gear Guide

We’re looking at the pants-soaking water spraying landmine from S-Thunder to see if it’s another great tool to add to your MilSim toolbox. And a huge thanks goes to Airsoft R Us Tactical ( ) for supplying the landmine for review!

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