Bingo Airsoftworks Mancraft PDiK HPA Engine Review

This is an in-depth review of the Mancraft PDiK (Pneumatic Drop in Kit) airsoft HPA Engine. The Mancraft HPA engine is a mechanical semi-only engine designed for V2 gearbox airsoft guns. For more information see Mancraft’s website is

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PolarStar Fusion Engine Nozzle Alignment Check

This is a very short video showing a PolarStar Fusion Engine nozzle perfectly centered and aligned in a hopup. I’ll be following up this video with another showing how to adjust the Fusion Engine alignment to correct alignment problems.

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An Airsoft Game Altercation

Alright, so everything is pretty much summed up in the titles of the video but here it is again…

There were some issues in the stairwell (hit calling, blind fire, etc.) to begin with. A Tan player crept up around the door I’m assuming and fired several rounds into a Green player at close range, prompting him to apparently ‘kick’ the Tan gun so as to get the gun away from him. At this point, the outrage begins.

What did you think?

ARES Amoeba S-Class CQB M4 Airsoft Gun Review

Today we have the video review of the ARES Amoeba S-Class CQB M4 Airsoft AEG. This is a solid, economically priced CQB style airsoft weapon that combines a well built construction with quality internals. CQB friendly features such as a folding stock and plenty of rail space add to the AEG.

Buy it here:

Thanks for watching!

Airsoft Arena Safety Briefing – Rules

Chris Trivane gives the daily safety briefing at Replay Airsoft’s Combat Maneuver Training Arena. These briefings are given each day before the games begin. For more information go to The Arena is located at 550 Crain Hwy N. (units 12/13), Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

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