ECHO 1 Red Star IGOR Airsoft Gun Review

Today we have the video review of the ECHO 1 Red Star IGOR Airsoft AEG, this model having the false wood stock.

Overall, this is a really unique AEG that combines a carbine length with a sort of sniper style. ECHO 1 brings forth a quality AEG, with a semi easy to access battery space, an effective hop up, simple iron sights, and the potential for some customization with a side mount built onto the gun. The big issue? The magazine is a feeding nightmare, as you will hear me discuss in the video.

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Premium Airsoft Rental Program

New rental guns and programs at Replay Airsoft’s Combat Maneuver Training Arena. We discuss our new PREMIUM Rental program. To learn more go to
The Arena is located at 550 Crain Highway North, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21146

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G&G Armament Fire Hawk CQB M4 Airsoft Review

Today we have the video review of the G&G Armament FireHawk CQB M4 Airsoft AEG.

This AEG looks unique and packs a punch as a small CQB M4, complete with a small, but customizable, RIS with a long top rail on top of the upper receiver. The hop up is effective and easy to access, while the adjustable stock offers a convenient housing for your battery. Overall, a solid CQB airsoft AEG!

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