Airsoft Etiquette

Chris Trivane and the crew at Replay Airsoft discuss the basics of Airsoft Etiquette at the Combat Maneuver Training Arena. Replay Airsoft Arena is located at 550 Crain Hwy North, Units 12/13, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061
See our website at for info.

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Cops & Robbers airsoft battle

Just a quick video of some action at Replay Airsoft’s Combat Maneuver Training Arena, come join the fun!
550 Crain Hwy N. units 12/13, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

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Test Firing at 90 rps with high speed box mag

This is a follow up video to demonstrate the shooting of a PolarStar fusion engine using a high speed box mag. I partially installed the box mag in one of my Nerf guns and cranked up the Fusion Engine to shoot about 90 rps. FCU settings: dn=6, dp=10, rof=1, dr=1, 120 psi input pressure. The box mag did very nicely in keeping up with the Fusion Engine. This is a demonstration for customer(s) that have asked about high speed box mags for specific high ROF gun builds. This would work well for a mini-gun type of build, for example. The box mag has been modified to use a Pololu #1163 motor, custom aluminum feed wheel adapter, and 3D printed motor support.

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Box mag experiment to feed nearly 80 rounds per second

This is just an experiment to modify a MAG bog mag to feed BBs at 80 RPS. The hi-torque motor is from Pololu #1163. It turns 249 RPM with a 7.4v lipo unloaded. The box mag feeds 20 rounds per revolution, so that comes out to be ~80 rounds per second, but I think it’s a little less than that with the load of the BBs. This was done per a customer’s request for a high ROF box mag.

Elite Force H&K MP5K Airsoft Gun Review

Today we have the video review of the Elite Force H&K MP5K Airsoft AEG.

Alright, so most of my complaints here are just preferences. Obviously, this AEG is meant for CQB or to be used as a secondary weapon in the field. The small size allows for the battery to be held above the gearbox in a narrow area that can really only fit an 8.4v stick type battery. The wires are annoying to fit into the handguard, which also contains the hop up unit, which could easily be unadjusted by the cramped wires. The plastic construction is solid but bent easy in some areas. The MP5 magazines are a little annoying to wind and load, but, hey, that’s just my opinion.

The AEG did perform rather nicely though, firing at a respectable ROF and an FPS perfect for CQB; the accuracy was pretty much spot on at under 100 feet (CQB ready!).

Overall, the battery is a pain, but the performance once it is in is great!

Thanks for watching!

Murió esa canción

Poema de Matías Catrileo, libro “El abrazo del viento”.
Musicalización: Javier Karmy
Interpretación: Yo Me Libro, Plaza Bogotá, 31 de mayo.

Gracias Matías y familia Catrileo Quezada

Gracias Guille/Ema /farais/lojela… y al público ferviente y tierno que apoya en el canto y el silencio!