Nerf Stampede #2 PolarStar Fusion Engine Airsoft Gun by Bingo Airsoftworks

Here’s some additional footage of me using my painted Nerf Stampede PolarStar Fusion Engine airsoft gun. The opposing force had several SAW guns, including a PolarStar M249. We had fun going head-to-head with them using the Nerfsoft guns.

Nerf Stampede #2 has an outer barrel extension added as well as a foam-filled extension beyond that. The airsoft gun has a 425mm Madbull 6.03 barrel, Prowin hopup (slightly modified to prevent jams), Maple Leaf 75 degree bucking, shooting .3g bbs at 340 FPS. Effective range was out to almost 200 feet. ROF was around 25 RPS.