Shark In The Water: EMG Hellbreaker – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

Marck looks at another custom M4 this week. Does the shark have a bite?
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Haley Strategic Flatpack Initial Thoughts

Tpday we’re looking at one of the most modular packs on the market, the HSP FlatPack.

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SSG24 Airsoft Sniper ❗❗ Novritsch gets overrun and killed ❗❗- Scope cam

I’m playing with my Novritsch SSG24 airsoft sniper with a new unreleased tapered outer barrel. I accidentally used 0,36g BBs on that day instead of 0,46g BBs which had a big impact in accuracy of the SSG24… but I could still pull off some nice shots.
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My name is Novritsch and I’m spezialised on Airsoft Sniping. With lots of cameras and a scopecam attached to my upgraded VSR-10 and my loadout I’m traveling the world and make gameplay videos / vlogs and other fun videos. I’m also developing my own gear / BBs / guns , since I sometimes cannot find the perfect product for my needs. I hope you enjoy all the long range / headshots / airsoft action.

Don’t cheat, Play fair, responsible and have fun!

Simple Airsoft M4 Upgrades Part 1 Inner Barrel

Taking you through some simple upgrades that can greatly improve any gun and don’t require a degree in mechanical engineering. The guide is overly detailed but covers the step by step process as demonstrated on this Krytac CRB, the same process and reasoning will work for most other airsoft guns but the hopup units vary as you would expect however for an M4 I would highly recommend the Krytac hopup design as it’s great to work on and to use in the field.

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MilSim MEDIC Meltdown! – Airsoft

Has this ever happened to you? Leave a Comment!
-get hit.

Airsoft Milsim video from America Milsim Iron Horse 2. When I get hit, things get bad, quick. Lots of fun with my buddies as we fight through a bad situation and try to keep the squad up and alive.
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Top 5 Krytac Airsoft Builds – Custom Airsoft Guns From Around The Earth | USAirsoft

Top 5 Krytac Airsoft Builds – Custom Airsoft Guns From Around The Earth | USAirsoft – Airsoft Tops Series Countdown

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5. Dan’s Parts List
6.03 tightbore inner barrel
ARES Amoeba PRO Beaver Tail motor Grip
Big-Dragon Butterfly Charging Handle
PTS BattleComp 1.0 Flash Hider
Magpul Style RVG Grip.
A.P.S. Ambidextrous Magazine Releases
Night Evolution M600W Tactical Rail Mount LED Scout Light
G&G Steel flip up rear iron sight
PTS Syndicate Unity Tactical – FUSION Mounting System (Flip up front iron sight)

5. Martijn’s Parts List:
6.03 tightbore inner barrel
T1 optic
dummy peqbox
flipup sights
rubberized railcovers
customized G&G stock
keymod stubby forgrip

4. Alex’s Parts List
6.03 Tightbore inner barrel
ARES Amoeba pistol grip
IMI Defense FSG1
APS patriot stock
Micro T1 replica with killflash
replica Magpul RSA sling mount

3. Marksman’s Parts List
Real Surefire M952V-TN white / IR set and his Bungee cord wrap for attachements like – flashlight tail switches
Marksman also changed up the pistol grip for a Magpul MIAD – added a Recon scope 1.4-4×30 for open field & a NightEvolution T1 with Solar power charge for short range,
Troy industries backup sight, a 5KU Raptor charging handle, Magpul PTS translucid mid caps and APS anti-rotation links

2. Maurice’s Part List
tightbore barrel and Maple Leaf bucking
G&P MOTS 12.5 inch keymod rail, generic flip up Sights, a CQB master suppressor, a Surefire m952v, a Visim laser light combo, a strike industries afg, G&P rail covers, a repro Trijicon ACOG and a VFC QRS stock

1. David’s Parts List
BTC Spectre with Pre-Cocking and max Active Braking
SHS 12:1 gears
ZCI Barrel with RHOP and a Modified flat bucking
PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock
MBUS sights
Madbull Daniel Defense RIS II Rail in 12 inch
Knight’s Armament Company “Broomstick” grip
Larue Tactical Index Clips
Replica Surefire M600u with offset by Element
Paintjob by Monarchy Customs
and a stippled Stock grip by Misfit1

1. Denis’s Parts List
13:1 SHS gears
Gen 2 ASCU Mosfet
madbull 6.03 black python inner barrel
pts pistol grip
bolt airsoft lmt style stock
vfc flip up sights
eotech xps3-0, replica
fma peq 15
alien airsoft mark18 dd 9″ rail
knights armanent style vertical grip, a kac suppressor
steel g&g magazine catch
pts mags
lonex m110 spring and a cut down 10.3″ outer barrel

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A New Rebel Dawns | Operation Dawnbreaker Airsoft Game | March 12th | AIRSOFTGI.COM

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After a long conflict drawn out of the course of several years, the Empire has finally taken over, eradicated the rebel movement, and taken back the land stolen by the vigilante usurper Bob The Axeman. All is not quiet on the warfront however, as in the wake of Bob’s disappearance from the battlefield, a slew of new movements have taken place, trying to fight back the Empire in the same vein. They have all adopted the former symbol of the Rebel Movement, and though they all fight independently and with different tactics, they are all fighting for the same thing: Freedom. While the empire has done well to quell any uprising so far, these groups become increasingly violent. Each grassroots movement has slowly began to amass an armory of massive proportions, setting the stage for a violent opening Salvo on what is sure to become a multi-front war for the Tyrannical Empire. The first of these fights is poised to take place at District 14, as history repeats itself, and the new Southern Militia Rebel Group has put in motion a plan to crush the empire in the most symbolic way possible, by overthrowing the facility that made for the last battleground of the Old War. Should they succeed, they will surely rally the call for other groups to take up arms, and continue the fight.

Cost: $40 Online Registration | $40 In-Store Registration | $50 Same-day Registration at the Field

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You’ve never seen this before… | Airsoftology Unboxing

Official Airsoftology product unboxing from Helix Airsoft.
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