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As I continue to experiment with a new loadout, namely.. AIRSOFT MIKE 4.0, this week i’m in the market for a battle belt!

This is just is just a quick update on my progress so far, but by no means my final choice.

Belts featured:
Viper Tactical Priced from £18 upwards (UK)
Condor: Priced from £20 upwards (UK) $17 upwards (USA)
NcStar Priced from $17 upwards (USA)

All Battle Belts are available to buy on Ebay and Amazon. Airsoft Battle belts can also be bought from retailers such as Evike, Atlanta Airsoft, Airsoft Megastore and more!

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Always be safe and never carry your Airsoft gun openly in a public place. It is illegal to do so in many countries and can lead to your arrest or serious risk of being injured or killed by other people who may carry real guns!
Never brandish your Airsoft gun in a private place, unless all persons present know that it is not a real gun!
Best practice is to always treat Airsoft guns as if they are real, and handle them in a safe manner.
An accidental discharge from an Airsoft gun can cause serious injury to eyes and less serious injuries to other parts of the human body. Protective goggles and clothing is always recommended!
Never shoot an Airsoft weapon at anybody who is not in gameplay and is not wearing suitable eye protection.
Be safe, play safe!

Lancer Tactical RIS FAL AEG Airsoft Rifle

Link to product:

This full metal airsoft gun from Lancer Tactical features low profile sights, folding stock, and an RIS quad rail.

Also available in a standard rifle configuration:

Visit for all your airsoft needs.

Airsoft GI BB Wars | Hidden Dagger | So Much “Medic” – Pt. 2 – D14 Airsoft

Airsoft GI BB Wars | Hidden Dagger | So Much “Medic” – Pt. 2 – D14 Airsoft

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The Imperials are moving out and it’s all hands on deck to take back the field of D14. No ones staying in place, everyone is moving and for the Imperials, that’s a good thing.
Where will this lead? Will it really matter whenever the Rebels strike back or can the Imperials finally take the WIN?

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(Airsoft) AS-01 Amoeba sniper rifle

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Thanks to ARES Airsoft for this gun ! This gun has not been released at the time I’m making this video. It can be pre ordered for around 150 USD in Asian webshop, and should be available soon in Europe. In particular, it will be available soon at Airsoft Entrepot, the shop where I work, for a similar price.

The AS-01 Amoeba is a well thought, unexpensive sniper rifle from Amoeba. Low weight, low price, easy to upgrade (it uses AEG springs and VSR10 hop up rubber and inner barrel) with a 3 way adjustable trigger box. Nylon fiber stock and hand guard with metal receiver and external barrel. The sears of the trigger box are made of steel, the piston is made of aluminium. It also has a load indicator, a direct feeding system from realistic magazines you put in the right location, short bolt cocking system, etc.

The out of the box performances aren’t incredible, but I suppose it would be easy to improve with new inner barrel and hop up rubber, and a harder spring.
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Merci à ARES Airsoft pour cette réplique ! Elle n’est pas encore dispo à l’heure où je fais cette vidéo ; elle peut être précommandée dans certains shops d’Asie pour 150 USD et devrait être dispo bientôt en Europe également. En particulier, elle sera dispo à Airsoft Entrepot, le webshop où je travaille, pour un prix similaire à celui en Asie.

Le AS-01 Amoeba est une réplique bien pensée et pas chère. Poids réduit, petit prix, facile à upgrader (elle utilise des ressorts AEG et un joint hop up et canon interne type VSR10) avec un bloc détente ajustable de 3 façons. Les sears du bloc détente sont en acier, avec un piston en alu. La crosse est en fibre de nylon, le corps et le canon externe en métal. Il a un indicateur d’armement, un système d’alimentation en billes direct du chargeur au bloc hop up à la verticale, des chargeurs réalistes qui se mettent à un emplacement réaliste, une course réduite de l’armement de la culasse, etc.

Les performances en sortie de boite ne sont pas ouf, mais je pense que c’est facile à améliorer en changeant le canon interne, le joint hop up et en mettant un ressort plus dur.

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